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My Near Death Experience at Age 9

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book about my NDE in 2001 and the aftermath, scheduled to be released in 2024. This book took me 10 years to write and I'm finally almost finished! Next is the editing.

This excerpt is from my NDE at the age of 9 years old...

Immediately I feel an excruciating pain, lose all my breath and pop out of my body through my head. I’m instantly floating in a dark space, but not like night dark, it’s just a nothing space. I feel this immense feeling of Peace wash over me. The space around me is holding me, supporting me, filling me, with pure Peace. I recognize this space or place or state of mind. So, I just lay back and rest here for I can’t say how long. As I’m resting in this peaceful state, I feel and become at one with everything, even though I don’t really know that it’s everything, I just know I’m at One with All That Is.

I’m no longer this 9-year-old girl on Earth that was in sheer pain and terror. I’m this expanded awareness and I remember I can move my focus as expanded and as contracted as I want. I just need to use my focus to pull in or extend out.

I then feel the song and the vibration of what I understand is All That Is. It wasn’t something I heard with my ears, it vibrated through me, and I was a part of it. I vibrated in tune with the all-encompassing song and vibration.

My unique song is part of the All That Is song of Life. I Am an exquisite instrument playing my unique song within the infinitely finely tuned orchestra of the All That Is. If any instrument or song is out of tune, there is always a counterbalance to bring All That Is into harmony within Itself.

I don’t know how long I was in this blissful state of awareness, I became aware at one point of myself as the little girl from Earth again as I recognized some movement in my right peripheral vision. I turned my attention to the movement and noticed a light in the distance. The light quickly became brighter and took the form of a human as the light reached me. I recognized the human as who I know as Jesus. I felt movement and was positioned upright to face Him.

I was then standing on solid ground but didn’t see the ground. Jesus knelt so his face and mine were at eye level. He smiled at me with His face and His eyes. I saw and felt immense compassion from Him. I knew Him. I also knew that it hadn’t been that long since we had been together. He held me in his eyes first and then in his arms.

My short life on Earth was becoming just a dream to me at that point.

I heard his voice in my mind say, “you’ve suffered enough my child, you do not have to return.” With that communication I suddenly had this realization that I hadn’t finished the life plan that I set out for my soul. I knew that I didn’t want to start over as it were, in another incarnation. I told Jesus that I wanted to return because I wasn’t finished with what I set out to do.

I knew in my soul that in this lifetime that I had set up a lot of things in motion for my soul and the souls of so many in my soul groups.

Jesus asked me if, I was sure. I told Him Yes.

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