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My Out of Body Experience With The Great Mother

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

This is another excerpt from my upcoming book (before editing).

Christmas time 2017 my partner and I travel to Heron, Montana to spend Christmas with my partner's mother.

Not long before our visit to Montana I had been thinking of journeying with the plant medicine Ayahuasca.

I had heard or read accounts of Ayahuasca helping with healing. I even bought and read a couple of books on Ayahuasca, it’s properties and some shared experiences by the authors and others.

When we arrived in Montana I hadn’t journeyed with Ayahuasca yet, or any plant medicines in a ceremonial way.

My partner's mother lives in a heavily wooded area except for about three or four acres of cleared land around her house.

Early on Christmas Eve morning I wake up and hear my partner and his mother downstairs visiting. I’m not ready to get out of bed yet, I’m still groggy and feel a pull to go back into my twilight/liminal state.

So, I draw my attention inward and almost immediately am pulled into an out of body experience. There was no feeling of leaving my body, or a transition period, but my awareness is totally out of my body.

I’m standing in the backyard of the house with my back to the house facing the woods. My dog Venus, who transitioned in 2012 is in the backyard with me. She’s a few feet from me also facing the woods.

She looks back at me with that same smile she always had when she was happy or excited. I’m happy to see her again. I know that she wants me to follow her. So, I do. She’s walking in front of me into the woods just like we used to do with our walks in the woods.

I follow Venus into the woods. I feel her excitement. As we walk a little further into the woods I see a campfire glow in the distance.

As we get closer I see a small clearing with the bright orange glow of the small campfire in the center of the clearing with about seven First Nations/Native American looking people, some sitting and some standing, in a circle around the fire.

As Venus and I reach the perimeter of the clearing, Venus stops so I walk up and stop next to her.

I feel invited to enter the circle, so I do. Venus enters with me and I also feel my guide next to me but don’t see him.

An elder Native man with long hair approaches me. He’s tall and thin. I don’t recognize him as someone I would remember that I work with in the inner planes. He has deep age lines in his face. He seems very old, but doesn’t look old. He nods and slowly and kindly speaks to me, “I’ve heard of you. You communicate and work with the dead. Thank you for your help.” I was a little surprised that he used the word 'dead', but I understood his meaning. I heard his voice very clearly in my mind. I didn't recall if I replied other than a feeling of gratitude and also a reverence for him and his kind words. He moves away after our exchange.

At that point a Native woman approaches me. I immediately recognize her. She’s a beautiful elder woman with long black braided hair that’s speckled with gray. I can see that she’s wearing a skirt or dress and is wrapped in what looks like a colorful blanket draped around her shoulders.

Her face is beautiful. She smiles at me. I recognize Her immediately. Her eyes are so kind and loving, and also hold weariness and pain.

She places her hands on my face. When she does I drop to my knees and call her Great Mother. I ask, or rather beg, for her forgiveness. The part of me that’s Sharon becomes clearly aware of a different part of myself.

I tell Her, “Oh, Great Mother, please forgive me! I’ve been lost for too long.” I can feel my physical body release racking sobs when I release my cry to her.

Great Mother extends her hands and says, “stand my child, all is well”. She takes my hands in hers and then directs me to quiet my mind and to listen. I do as she asks.

I then hear the sounds of the forest. It felt as if the forest is talking to me. I can also hear and feel a heartbeat. I intuitively know that the heartbeat is her heart and it’s tuning in with my own heartbeat. Our heartbeats are beating together as One. The forest sounds become blended within our Heartbeat until our Heartbeat is all I hear and feel.

I then hear her strong voice in my mind, “you are a Light Bearer, my child. Your light is strong. You answered the Call. Many like you have answered the Call with you. They are strong with you. You are not ever alone. Yes, many also feel weary within this Divine journey.

The human is upgrading without fail. You and many others are here to help many more remember the Way. The ways of the lower mind are no longer tolerated within the new human system. The upgraded human exists through a higher way of the Heart. The Heart is her compass. This upgrade links the Gateway of the human Heart with Mine, and that of the Father.

The human body can no longer tolerate the discordance of the lower frequency thoughts and deeds of the lower mind. The lower mind must allow for the upgrade and transform.

There are many challenges with this upgrade, for the lower mind will fight to stay in control. The lower mind will not win this fight. The tipping point has occurred. The lower mind will know the Unconditional and All-Encompassing Love of the Father and the Mother once more. Dry your tears, my child for the human is embarking on a Glorious New Dawn. You are doing well. You have much ahead of you.”

With my next thought I told Mother that I wanted to stay with Her. As soon as the thought left my mind the Great Mother and the scene in the woods disappeared and I was back in my body in bed.

My body continued to release racking sobs filled with what I recognized as deep grief for the memory of my connection with the Great Mother.

When I recovered I immediately journaled the experience. As I was journaling I felt Her with me helping me remember.

Not long after this experience I heard from my Shaman friend that Ayahuasca is considered the Mother medicine.

I lost the desire to journey with Ayahuasca. The Great Mother surely heard my call and gifted me with this profound visit in a different way.

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Oh Sharon, THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL! It touched me deeply. I felt I was along on your journey! It’s amazing that u have such clear recall…obviously, Great Mother wants u to share ur experience & I am so grateful u did. I, too, revere First Nations/Indigenous Tribes due to their natural respect for the Earth & all that resides within. Ayahuasca Ceremonies are very interesting to me, although I haven’t journeyed at this point. Looking forward to more of ur experiences:)


Laurie Faulkner
Laurie Faulkner
Oct 10, 2023

Sharon ~

What an incredible journey you shared!!! So very powerful and the Great Mother's words are like balm on my heart 💜 Thank you✨✨

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