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Out of Body Experience (OBE) as a Fetus in the Womb?

Journal entry - 10/8/21

In the Womb

(I also shared this on OBE author W. Buhlman's FB group) I felt the need to share this because it was very profound for me, and I also wanted to share how William Buhlman’s techniques work for me.

My OBE activity has waned lately, so I began listening to William Buhlman’s Vortex meditation every night for about the last 10 days. I also have a mantra that I use from William’s affirmations that I use when I’m falling asleep. I put 3 together…”I leave my body Now!, Clarity Now or Awareness Now!, Next Level Now!”.

Affirming these before I go to sleep when I’m focused on an OBE helps me remember when I’m out to use the affirmations. This works really well for me.

About 3 hours after I fell asleep, I woke to really strong vibrations like an electrical current was running through me without any pain.

I remained calm because I’m used to feeling vibrations and really like when I do, but these were really strong. I even had the thought that I was dying, but still remained calm. After the electrical current calmed down, I found myself under water or in a fluid environment. I didn’t’ panic because I knew I could breath. I’m used to coming out now in a water environment sometimes when I project. I began affirming Clarity Now! I affirmed this a few times, and then realized I was floating, but still didn’t have sight. It wasn’t dark…it was more like my eyes were closed, but there was some light shining through on them. I felt, not saw, that I was floating & my body was in a fetal position. I felt that I was encased & safe. I had the urge to put my thumb in my mouth & suck on it, but I couldn’t figure our or remember how to move my arm to do it. I felt kind of frustrated & telepathically starting calling out for my Mother to help me. The me/here knew I was calling out for my Mother, but the me/there just automatically called out for a Mother connection.

I kept calling out for her to help me. I believe the frustration brought me back to my body here because that’s about when I faded back to this awareness.

As I process this, I believe I was in the womb or a womb as a human fetus. Which is a 1st for me. I’ve projected within my physical body once before & was able to view my cells, but this feels really profound, especially the awareness of the fetus & the telepathic connection & awareness to, and of the Mother.

Thanks for reading. Sharon :)

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