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"There has never in Truth been a time that any one of us has ever been born or will ever die."

This an excerpt from The Way of Mastery - The Early Years channels...Yeshua Teachings. Link is below.

"Now we begin.

Greetings unto you, beloved and holy children of Light divine. In Truth it is with great joy that I come forth to abide with you, and yet I come forth unto you always and I abide with you always, for there is not a place nor a time that I am not. I am but your brother and I am but your friend. I am not above you and I am never apart from you. I am indeed the holy and only begotten Son of God, Son meaning offspring of, and if I be this — and rest assured that I am — then so, too, are you the offspring of Light, of Love, of what has been called God, that which I have chosen to call Abba or Father. And if you are the holy offspring of Light divine and if I am that holy offspring of Light divine, it means that in Truth we share one Mind and one Heart, and we are created before the foundations of all worlds. And because this is the Truth and because it is the essence of our only reality, there cannot be a time or a place that I am unavailable to you or to anyone. And there cannot be a time and a place, if you would receive it, that you are not available to everyone.

Do you come, then, to see and to understand that because we share that one Mind and that one Heart that is the only begotten offspring of God and His only creation, never have you been limited by space and time? You can’t ignore the grandness of your being. You can shut yourself off from it. You can look upon only one part of it, but you can never separate yourself from all that you are created to be. There has never in Truth been a time that any one of us has ever been born or will ever die."...

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