Vision with Gifts from the Mer World

The gift from Mother Plarina and Father Plutar

I felt the itching in my head that I get when there is a communication from other’s than the masters. I rec'd that it was Plarina, the mother of the city of mer-people. I got that she is asking me to visit her. She said she has a gift for Sananda and I. It is a wedding gift.

So, I went into meditation and perceived Sananda and I on the beach. We jumped into the water, and swam toward our mer city. Mother Plarina met us. She gave us both a kiss on the cheek. She led the way to her place. She took us to Father Plutar. He greeted and embraced us. He had a full white beard.

Plarina asked Plutar if he wanted to give us the gift now, and he agreed. She moved behind a screen and came out with a beautiful rose quartz, shaped like a heart. It was about 12” x 12” in size. It had pink flames coming out of it. It was exceptionally beautiful. She handed it to me. I accepted it with pure love and gratitude. I looked at Sananda…he came closer and we held the crystal between our heart centers. There was white and pink sparks that shot into our heart centers. It was wonderful! We twirled around while the beautiful crystal sent it’s loving energy to our hearts.

After we enjoyed the loving energy of the crystal, we, then thanked Plarina and Plutar again, and swam to shore with our beautiful gift.

Same day – a couple of hours later.

Getting itchy feeling again in my head. I’m getting that it’s Cosius, the pink dolphin on Opus who is the heart chakra crystal cave keeper.

Channel: "Hello dearest. I am here to tell you about your gift from the mother and father. This beloved heart crystal, was shaped by the loving dolphins and whales of the sea. It is our gift to you and Sananda. We are grateful for your presence once again. We have longed for your return. We celebrate with you and the mer-people on the joyous occasion of your union. We live in peace and harmony with your brothers and sisters. We are the dolphins and whales of the sea of Opus. I am Cosius, in your loving service and friendship."

I speak to Cosius: I am overwhelmed, dear Cosius. I thank you! If I don’t express my gratitude sufficiently, please know that it is not intended. I thank the whale and dolphin kingdom for our beautiful wedding gift.

Cosius replies: Your gratitude is unspoken, my dear. We feel your gratitude, our dearest.



My name is Sharon Sananda Kumara. I remembered the name of Sharon Sananda Kumara in 2003 when I was working intensely with my guides on what they termed my Quickening.

I've compiled this site with the intent of sharing my experiences, my gifts and just my musings, in the hopes that any of it might help any who come here with their life journey on this beautiful planet, we call Mother Earth.

- Sharon Sananda Kumara


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