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We Are Witnessing the Fall of Old Matrix

We are involved in and witnessing the fall of the old grid/matrix. This matrix has been in place to enslave Mother Earth and her inhabitants for hundreds of thousands of years. The dismantle of the matrix is not easy. The arrival into the 5th dimension does not mean that everything suddenly becomes all Peace and Love and Joy. The systems that were put in place within our DNA to keep us in the dark are fighting for survival. The Light is what is dismantling these systems. The Light is shining and exposing the Truth for all to see. If anyone has been through a dark night of the soul you know how extremely difficult that process is. And it's 'always darkest before the dawn'. The 5th dimension is not about sitting back and letting government govern us, its about governing ourselves. The old matrix was set up to control humanity's thoughts and actions by perpetuating fear and hostility toward ourselves and each other. The 5th dimension is a frequency construct of just the opposite. This is a wonderful time to be here on this planet! You chose to be here for this moment in time. You have given yourself this immense gift of breaking free of the enslavement matrix once and for all. Stay grounded and connected within your heart space in all situations.

Be Joyful, Take Heart! We Are Witness to a Universal Shift! All is Well and All Will be Well! Sharon Sananda Kumara

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